Saturday, November 19, 2011

Posting after a long time

A lot of things have happened to The Mad Ventriloquist since the last time he posted. He went to Hope. He left Hope. He went to Derek's. The slender man invaded, which probably means that David's going to kill The Mad Ventriloquist slowly. Derek hit him with an axe though. After shooting him with a shotgun. It was nice to see him all grown up and trying to kill things, even if it didn't work very well.

The Mad Ventriloquist realizes that he's never said who Derek was. And now he's trying to figure out how to say that. And he's just getting confused. It's a really long story.

Anyway, there was a slender man attack at Derek's house and he is fine but The Mad Ventriloquist has a pretty bad shoulder wound. He's staying here for a while, since apparently giving up The Mad Ventriloquist's protection gave up Derek's as well.

He's really sorry about that.

He's also sorry that this post probably doesn't make any sense. He is wounded. And there's no beer.


  1. Damn. I guess pass on an invitation to Hope if he doesn't want to go on the run.

  2. Derek? Hmm. Why is there no beer?!

  3. Derek doesn't like beer. He doesn't have any. And all of The Mad Ventriloquist's is gone now.

    He will explain Derek. He will. He promises.

  4. I'll have some faith, and believe in this promise, love. just try to remember to do it soon, so I don't think you're dying or something. Yea?

  5. Good to know you're still kicking around, Venny. If you're DYING for a drink, my offer is still open. Unfortunately I'm not assigned to you, but I could probably squeeze in some... recreation time.

  6. "Going to kill The Mad Ventriloquist slowly." Heh. Yeah. Because that's totally what happened.