Thursday, December 29, 2011


The Mad Ventriloquist is confused.

Really, really really confused.

Christmas was pretty good. Derek cooked and there were presents, and things were good until David showed up. Then there was a lot of yelling and a couple times people walked out. And then there was a lot of talking about feelings and everything turned out ok. Derek doesn't like to consider David his father, but they really do act like family.

It was only after that when things got confusing.

The Mad Ventriloquist is getting married.

That would probably be confusing enough. He hasn't seen David for years, and they only really started dating a few months ago. And even that was just sorta dating. Like, no one said anything about it. They just sort of did dating things. Not all that often either, since The Mad Ventriloquist was running around trying not to die and David was running around doing whatever he does. Yet The Mad Ventriloquist wanted to ask him. And apparently David wanted to ask The Mad Ventriloquist because they sort of ended up asking at the same time. And all of this can't help but have The Mad Ventriloquist think about how wrong it is.

Of course, The Mad Ventriloquist has done a lot of bad things. This is the only sin that he doesn't regret.

Still, it's very confusing. And he is feeling happy and scared and all sorts of things about it. But David didn't stop there.

He wants The Mad Ventriloquist to join the slender man.

He made some very good points too. About how that would probably protect Derek. About the chance of destroying things from the inside. About how he didn't want to see The Mad Ventriloquist die.

It was really hard to tell him no. But he did.

David said that it isn't going to stop him. That he'll find a way to convince The Mad Ventriloquist.

The Mad Ventriloquist is worried about that.

He's actually scared about the man he's going to marry.

This is all very confusing.

Also, the building across the street is on fire.


  1. Perhapes the Mad Ventreloquist could still find a way to help others even if he joined the Slender Man, but I think he should do whatever he belives is best. I also want to congradulate the Mad Ventreloquist on getting married, I'm sure it may complicate things, but congradulations are in order non-the-less.

    See you around
    - Free

  2. Hey, congrats to both of you, that's wonderful!

    As for the other... Do what you have to. No matter what side you're on, you're still you and it doesn't define you. Just try to remember that.

  3. I advise no. Too much risk and not enough benefit. There are other ways to protect Derek.

  4. First, I simply must give bonus points for the ending statement, Venny. Quite amusing... and very symbolic of your future, I would think.

    Congratulations, my friend. And welcome to the Family!

  5. I...

    I wish the best for you.



    I really am glad.

    I hope things turn out well.

    And there isn't even any Adelle involved. This is real.

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  7. Whatever it is he does Ronan? You know very well what he does.

    He tortures and kills innocent people for his master. You can say whatever you want about my body count but I don't torture and none of those I've killed have been innocent. Can David say the same?

    If you give in to him will YOU be able to say the same? There comes a time when the cost of survival, the cost to yourself and to those around you, is simply to high.

    You can survive without him, hell you've been doing it for quite some time now. Your odds of continuing to do so would be even better if you crawled out of the Goddamned bottle though.

    Mallem Mori Quam Servire

  8. Freedomcaged- The issue is not that The Mad Ventrloquist could do a lot of good from the inside, but that he might stop wanting to. People forget that The Mad Ventriloquist was a bad guy once. He easily could be again.

    Elaine- He thanks her. He also wants to give her a heads up. David's trying to match her with Derek. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks they would like each other, but she should be aware of it anyway.

    Hakurei- That's what The Mad Ventriloquist thought. It's still hard to say no, though.

    Nightscream- Well, it was on fire. The firefighters took care of it though. So everything's ok. And The Mad Ventriloquist isn't really part of the family. Well, he guesses he's marrying in, but he's still not really doing family things. And the last family like that he was a part of didn't end well. So The Mad Ventriloquist will just be the weird brother-in-law that never comes to holiday parties.

    RACHAEL PLEASE READ THIS- He wishes her the best. She is a good person. That is also real.

    Proxiehunter- Actually, The Mad Ventriloquist isn't so sure. Yes, he tortures and kills people. But the only time he was aware of it was when David was trying to send him a message. Aside from that, he doesn't seem to be doing much. The Mad Ventriloquist isn't saying that he's not torturing and murdering. He probably is, it's his hobby. But what he does for the slender man, The Mad Ventriloquist doesn't actually know.

    The Mad Ventriloquist already can't say the same. He has killed innocents. He's tortured them. He has never ever raped, but everything short of that he has done. And he didn't feel bad about it. The Mad Ventriloquist has to wonder how many times he has to say that he was a bad guy before people believe it.

    He was a bad guy. But he's not going to be again. Ne's not.

  9. But you will be again if you continue to associate with David. It will be unavoidable. Just like an addict who swears he won't go back on the junk just because he's hanging out with his old buddies who haven't got clean yet. You're just fooling yourself.

  10. Proxiehunter has some very good points. The Mad Ventriloquist is aware of the risk. But he isn't going to stop being with David. He can't. The last six years he has spent drunk and in his house, afraid of everything. David helped him out. David got him living his life again. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks part of it might just be that David was there. In many ways he's a bad influence. But not in all ways.

    And perhaps this is not good, but The Mad Ventriloquist just doesn't have the strength to leave him again.

  11. Well... damn. Kinda suspected but... okay then.

    If there's enough good in David for you to feel that way about him... then I say go for it. Be happy. But don't EVER forget in the back of your head what he's sworn himself to. And what you're now tying yourself to by association. Don't ever forget it and watch yourself. If David loves you too, he'd tell you the same damn thing.

    Cause if he were to tell the truth he would admit that he has no clue what he's capable of. Even when it comes to you.

  12. How many times are you going to tell yourself you aren't going to be a bad man again, before you manage to convince yourself? Maybe as many as it'll take for us to realize you're one of the things that go bump in the night.

    Congratulations on the engagement. I hope all the crazies in the nuthouse find love because of the tall, dark and terrifying.

  13. At the same time? How.. after school special. I wasn't expecting that engagement to work out, truth be told.