Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I want to make one thing clear. I am not here to talk or be your friend or share experiences about whatever it is that's been following us. I want as little to do with this whole mess as possible. But Ronan's not here right now so I'm the one who has to talk to you guys.

And why is Ronan not here? Because one of you imbeciles kidnapped him.

I have a pretty large bump on my head from it too. Quite a coward you are, attacking me from behind like that. I'd call it a decent strategy if the whole goal wasn't completely idiotic.

What do you hope to achieve from this? I might not get immersed in all this stuff, but Ronan talks. He's got friends on both sides. Numbers are a dangerous thing.

Not to mention you've just kidnapped the second most terrifying man I have ever met. And he's engaged to the first.

And I assure you, David knows.

Hope you don't like your spleen, moron.


  1. Well, clearly the point of kidnapping him would be to get to David. Whoever it is would be prepared for that, or at least they'd think they were.

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  3. Fuck.
    Derek, you watch your fucking ass, I'd hate for anything to happen to you while he's gone.
    I know you said you're not interested in talking to anyone, but if you want to vent or whatever to someone else who knows and loves them both, drop me a line. (takethemyth@gmail.com)

    Otherwise, just ignore me, I guess. I'd be offering to help, but really at this point all we can do is stay the fuck out of David's way.

  4. You know, a lot of us are not fond of David. It does not surprise me that someone might be attempting to kill, destroy, or break him. Frankly I applaud them for trying. Lord knows that bastard needs it BAD. Hopefully it will be something quick and anti-climactic. He deserves NOTHING more than a traitor's death.
    Oh. And the same to that Ronan fellow. May you find VICTORY in your endeavors oh Mysterious Kidnapper.

  5. Honestly. Whining over such a little love-tap. I could have done so much more to you, and yet you still find the breath to complain? Unbelievable.

    But, be that as it may... I knew I could count on you to alert David for me, at the very least. Thank you, darling. You fulfilled your little role just fine.

    Now for the real fun to begin...

  6. ... Am I the only one that doesn't even find this marginally surprising? Runners and proxies alike; your continual lack of foresight is downright disappointing.

    And though your stupidity leaves me rather confused, Nightscream, let's all be honest with ourselves; this was bound to happen sooner or later. Let's just hope David doesn't leave too many corpses in his wake. I have a friend that probably isn't looking forward to the clean-up on this one...

  7. I do not have
    all that much
    to say to you.

    Get him back, David.

  8. Believe that now would be time to keep both proverbial and literal heads down.

  9. looks like heads are gunna role and I don't think it'll be ronans or davids any timw soon

  10. Ah, I wish I could have been around to see the violence.

  11. Can I just say how much I LOVE Derek? He's definitely the straight man in all of this.