Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Mad Ventriloquist Lives

The Mad Ventriloquist knows that there are a lot of stories out there. He has read stories about those who are running, or fighting, or finding another way to survive. But The Mad Ventriloquist knows many other stories that are not out there. The Mad Ventriloquist speaks for those who cannot. The Mad Ventriloquist is determined. The Mad Ventriloquist shall live for ever.

The Mad Ventriloquist is a little drunk. But he believes good can be done even if he fears standing up. He is aware of his faults, but he is still able to communicate. And so he will, for those no longer able to.

The Mad Ventriloquist needs more whiskey.


  1. They say evil happens when good men see it and do nothing. But sometimes, all a good man needs make a stand is to see that he is not alone.

  2. I'm appreciating your background picture.

    I could appreciate it all day.

  3. Staying wasted doesn't reeeeeally help your pain, hun. But hey. By now, you've pretty much figured that out, haven't you?