Tuesday, May 24, 2011


The Mad Ventriloquist's enemy is silence. When nothing is said, it is like a roadblock on a highway. Nothing passes through, no matter what needs to. Things need to be told, or nothing is known. Everyone has a story, and they need to tell them.

The Mad Ventriloquist has met many people who are afraid to speak. They think that it will bring the attention of the man in the business suit. And sometimes it does. And sometimes the stories spread those he knows about. But The Mad Ventriloquist cannot say that not telling stories is a good idea. Others get very mad at him saying that, though. Sometimes they throw rocks. But The Mad Ventriloquist lives on. And he shall encourage others to tell their stories. People should always tell stories.

The Mad Ventriloquist has never seen the slender man, but has seen his work. He has a notebook, full of stories from those who have lost to silence. They deserve to live on, like the rest of people. They deserve to have their stories told. This is how The Mad Ventriloquist can help, without risking leaving his chair and probably falling over. So he will.


  1. Forewarned is forearmed. I was silent for a long time, but I couldn't bear watching others suffer. Now with everything happening to my family, I don't know that I was right in opening my mouth, but going silent again probably would not help anything.

  2. Fear of Narrative Causality keeps me from telling my own story, but I've done my best to speak up when I can help others. I'd say silence is a touchy thing - it can be bad, but it can also save lives. It all depends on what you're keeping quiet about, and why.

  3. You know, I hate to say this, but.. you haven't been telling THAT many stories. For a storyteller, you've mainly been sticking to your own and Minori's. Which, TECHNICALLY, intertwine. What happened to all the people's stories you promised to tell? Did you forget about them?