Thursday, June 2, 2011

Good and Evil

The Mad Ventriloquist has been thinking a lot about morality lately. A good man turned bad man turned good man made him think that maybe he should talk about it.

The Mad Ventriloquist believes that people are mostly good. That doesn't mean that everybody's nice and good and wonderful. There are some people out there that are all bad, but they are rare. Just like there are people out there who are all good. Most of us are in between, and most of the people who do bad things aren't all bad. They deserve help too.

There is always hope. There is always light. At least, The Mad Ventriloquist has to believe there is.


  1. Well, even the darkest shadow can't be cast without light. As far as humans are concerned, I think everyone has one bit of good in them. That doesn't mean, though, that the light can be so overwhelmed by shadow that it's practically nonexistent.

    Just my take on things. I like your explanation. It's more optimistic.

  2. Evil is easy. Anyone can do evil. All it takes is laziness and selfishness. Self-sacrifice and integrity are much harder.

    Most people stand somewhere between the two, neither giving in to evil or working towards heroism.

  3. The same thing has been in my head lately. I've seen so many people gloating over killing and trapping proxies, those that work for Him. And at first, it was a necessity. The proxies weren't understood and needed to be explained and interrogated. But now it's almost like people are treating it like a game. "Let's see how many proxies can die today!" They don't realize that most of these people aren't proxies of their own free will. So what's moral about killing them? What's the good in killing a puppet dangling on a string?

  4. @ThatDamnedYankee I suppose I have a unique perspective on violence, being a pacifist by force of will alone. I can understand how killing proxies can be justified... taking one more of His soldiers off the playing field or putting them out of their misery. And when it came right down to it, I couldn't do it when I had the chance. But I've always been adamant on my own moral compass. I can see how others might justify murdering proxies, I would even ask my friends to kill me if it came right down to me being taken and made into that (consider it a weakness on my part), but I couldn't do it myself, not even when I had the chance.

  5. If all it takes is laziness and selfishness, I must have been a demon in my childhood.

  6. @Z Aren't most children?

    I'm just kidding.

    Or am I?


  7. Killing is a most selfish act. You place yourself so high above another, you end them. Evil. Utter evil. No matter who you are killing.

    Proxies are as bad. Maybe worse. Not husks, proxies. Husks can't think. They didn't choose this. Proxies did. Proxies let themselves be tools. They let themselves be used. They deserve nothing but scorn. No matter how human they are. No matter how human we all art.

    We all make mistakes. To work for that thing may be the greatest. They place their lives over all others. There is no way that choice is ever right. Ever.

  8. A good man turned bad man turned good man inspired me to raise my voice as well. I think I like you, Ventriloquist.

    By the way, have you tried switching web browsers? I had the same problem with being unable to comment, so now I browse blogger on Firefox instead of IE, and here I am, commenting away. ^^

  9. The Mad Ventriloquist probably should have commented earlier. He has a lot to catch up with.

    To Z: The Mad Ventriloquist does try to be optimistic. otherwise he'd just cry in his beer all day. Well, he does that anyway. But optimism is still important.

    To Mystery and Yankee: They both have good points. They were also very long. And The Mad Ventriloquist is sleepy. So he'll just say that they were good points and not make a really long reply.

    To Donovan: Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone learns from them. The Mad Ventriloquist does not think that it is as simple as all that. Proxies of all kind are human. They can realize they've made mistakes. Sometimes The Mad Ventriloquist thinks people forget that.

    Everyone deserves charity. Someone as good as Donovan should know that.

    To Hakurei: The Mad Ventriloquist thinks he likes her too. And he has figured out comments. Which is good. He enjoys comments.

  10. Never said they weren't human, TMV. Never said they don't make mistakes.

    I regret a lot. It doesn't make my decisions any less wrong. Wrong is wrong. No matter how human. No matter the reasons. Joining that monster is never right.

    But everyone deserves a second chance. Ray turned back. It didn't change his mistakes. It just fixed his future. A proxy can change. A person can change. I just expect to see them do it before I accept them.

  11. Is it too soon to say I adore your posts, Mad Ventriloquist? Either way, I am quite fond to your post here. The comments it has inspired bring some relief to this tired body. It is nice knowing there are still a few willing to save the lives of those they consider enemies or opponents, rather than cut them down. I'll regret any life that falls by my hand, and do everything to prevent it. So many value so little in the lives around them, not seeing the world as a whole. They see their lives, their perspective, and rarely that of another's. I salute to those that protect what is close to them, sure. But protecting what is foreign is just as important.

    Good and evil are one of the same. Perspective makes all the difference. We are all a mix of both, we just choose what we want to be. Some do what is easier for them, others fight what comes natural. The good are capable of doing harm, the evil are capable of love. Nothing is ever lost, just buried so deep it's hard to dig back out. There will always be something left worth saving in a person. Killing only sets the bar higher for another to out-do the previous murderer.

    I look forward to your future posts, dear. It's relaxing and amusing to read what you write.

    Stay safe,

  12. Oh hell. We need more people like you in the world, TMV.

  13. Mad Venriloquist, I must confess be being an avid reader of your updates. There are few words that would suffice in defining how much I enjoy your works, so, I shall retire, simply saying that I eagerly await more.

  14. I personally think you've been fooling yourself for a while, dearest. How many "White Hats" do you really see running around these days? Sure, we all have to believe in Hope, just like Pandora did. Doesn't mean that it'll save you in your final moments. Do be a dear, and be careful. For me.