Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Mad Ventriloquist has noticed there are an awful lot of notebooks. He wonders if the slender man and notebooks have some sort of contract. Probably not. Notebooks contain truth. And truth is dangerous, but precious.

The Mad Ventriloquist hasn't posted for so long because he wanted to do a notebook entry. But he had a hard time deciding which one. He had not realized before how many entries were about Minori. In between the lines, referenced in some of the sections, questions she asked, asides that The Mad Ventriloquist wrote down. She is in almost every page, too stubborn to be truly gone.

The Mad Ventriloquist is not sure how to feel about this.

Perhaps one day he will be ready to post the entries that tell Minori's story. That day will not be soon, and will probably include a lot of beer.

Until then, there are the notebook entries from after Minori. He plans to post a few of them. And it will take a lot less time than this post did.


  1. Always wondered about Slender Man and notebooks. Glad to see I'm not alone.

    Minori sounds important. She makes you sad. Like my Helen. Perhaps we can talk about them someday. Maybe soon. You still in Nevada? I'm heading that way.

    I can bring beer.

  2. He appears a lot in notebooks. It's hard not to wonder.

    Minori doesn't make The Mad Ventriloquist sad. The fact that she's gone does.

    The Mad Ventriloquist is still in Nevada, and welcomes Donovan there. Anyone who brings beer is a friend. The Mad Ventriloquist would like Donovan's story. Could he do that?

    Please email The Mad Ventriloquist. The details can be sorted out there.

  3. If...if you want

    if you ever made it up here, you could tell me about Minori, and I'd talk about Rachael and brian

  4. TMV, if the whole world were half as good as you, we'd be a lot better off.
    I'm sorry about your Minori. Some stories don't want to be told, and all we can do is wait until they do.

  5. God, looking through all of this is like taking a walk through Memory Lane. Watching you all struggle with your thoughts, your cute little conflicts before shit got real. Before people started dying, and horrible things happened to jade you all that much more. Gotta say, the trip's been worth it so far.