Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sometimes, the world feels like a really terrible place. It isn't very nice sometimes. The Mad Ventriloquist wonders if there is something he's missing or it really is desigend to beat people up and take their lunch money. It can be sad sometimes.

But it can be good sometimes. And that is what people really need to focus on. That way, the darkness doesn't seem as deep. So celebration is key. People should always stop to celebrate, especially when there is something to be glad for. But not always just then. Being happy over nothing works. Though it's harder to make a theme party.

The Mad Ventriloquist has a lot to celebrate right now. On one hand, there is a wedding he is invited to. He won't be going of course. He hasn't gone outside in six years. But he has a nifty little webcam set up so he can watch all of it. On the other hand, Don is visiting.

He brought beer.


  1. I'm glad you'll be able to 'attend' via cam, TMV.


  2. Oh god, the fateful wedding. It's so much fun to look back on this stuff in hindsight! Oh, and also. You misspelled the word "designed" in your post up there. Might wanna fix it, unless it was a drunken typo. If so, by all means, keep it.