Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Elaine and Emily left. Elaine is trying to be more responsible and stuff, which is a very good thing even if The Mad Ventriloquist is sad that she's gone.

Derek also left. After he and Elaine were attacked by the slender man, he says that he wasn't hurt at all. And that maybe the only reason he is seeing the man in the business suit at all is because he's hanging around runners. So Derek's going to try going home. He never did like running. And if he can live a safe life, The Mad Ventriloquist wants that for him.

So it's just The Mad Ventriloquist and David. David says he'll stay as long as he can. It feels a bit like old times.

It sort of funny, everything they've been through. Twenty years together. Six years apart. Now they're married, and The Mad Ventriloquist still isn't really sure how it all happened.

He can still hear Nightscream talking about David sometimes. About how he uses people. About how The Mad Ventriloquist shouldn't throw everything he has into a man who just thinks of him as a toy. How he needs to stop drowning himself.

And a lot of it is true, he thinks. But there is something to be said that when everyone leaves, David is there.

Even for the six years where The Mad Ventriloquist disappeared, David was looking.

The Mad Ventriloquist thinks it's time to stop drowning.


  1. If he makes you happy, you're doing the right thing. That's all that matters.

  2. I really think you've made the right call with David, TMV. Better to get what you need from the people that love you than from a bottle.
    And yes, I'm kind of a hypocrite. Doesn't make it less true

  3. Was he really looking? How do you even know? He was gallivanting around, doing whatever he pleased for six years. Don't you think he could have picked up a telephone or sent a postcard? Or something?

    1. The funny thing about being in witness protection is that it's usually hard to telephone them.

    2. If David can find /you/...

    3. He found The Mad Ventriloquist after six years. It took him a while.

      As for other people finding him? Yeah, he knows. They're dealing with it. Or at least trying to. Things get a bit sticky sometimes.