Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Notebooks

The Mad Ventriloquist hasn't  written a Notebook entry for a while. He hasn't written much of anything for a while, but mostly notebooks. A lot has happened. There have been a lot of things The Mad Ventriloquist has had to think about. Between Nightscream and David, it feels like he's forgotten his original purpose.

He can't let that happen.

The stories need to be told. The notebooks are there for a reason. The Mad Ventriloquist has to tell these stories. Has to tell Minori's.

But he's spent so much time not doing it.

Something about David always makes The Mad Ventriloquist unsure of what's important.

The Mad Ventriloquist remembers when he arrived at Minori's apartment only to hear a gunshot go off. He rushed into the building and found the apartment a total mess. Shelves were knocked over, glass was broken. And Minori was standing over David, a gun pointed directly at him.

"David, what are you doing here?" The Mad Ventriloquist asked.

David was bleeding. Not bad, but it was a bullet wound after all. Minori hadn't been just threatening this time. He coughed. "Came to warn you. She's a cop."

The Mad Ventriloquist felt sort of bad about it. "I know."


The Mad Ventriloquist nodded and David looked up to Minori. "In that case, I apologize." he said. Minori didn't look convinced. There was some other conversation, but The Mad Ventriloquist doesn't really remember it. He introduced David and Minori to each other. David was charming. Minori was angry. She made him leave really quick. David mentioned something about her being around the age Lily would be, but then actually left. Minori didn't talk for a while.

"I don't like him." she said. And Minori and The Mad Ventriloquist had another fight. About David about how The Mad Ventriloquist was just like David. About how Minori didn't think he was, and that respect for him was the only reason David was alive right now. The Mad Ventriloquist couldn't really blame her. She didn't say, but he knew what had caused her to fire her gun that night. He knows David entirely too well.

After that, David tried to learn more about the case. Every person interviewed, he wanted to talk to as well. Every time something was uncovered, he wanted to look at it.

The Mad Ventriloquist should have seen the signs.

If he had, maybe he would have been able to save one of them.


  1. See, ya know the thing that sucks about these "past" posts? We see what's happening like it's real time, and want to step in and change something. But we can't. Everything's alreeeeeeeady been said and done.

    We're fucked, with an extra dose of compassion and suspense for what comes next. Thanks TMV, I had just managed to forget about Minori when this was written. >.<

  2. I'm glad The Mad Ventriloquist has returned to posting, and, for that matter is safe after the whole Nightscream incident. I always hate it when people who I enjoy conversing with are trying to kill each other. Of course I would like to remind him about one thing: you can never save everyone. I respect all of the idealists out there, and sometimes I'm even one of them, but I'm always a cynic, because the nature of reality is that the cynics are usually right.

    See you around

    1. He isn't wishing he could have saved them all. He seems to be sad he was unable to help any of them.

      I'm sure I'm picking you needlessly though cause the point stands. Reality bites.

  3. Oh no. What happened? Did David do something bad...?