Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Notebook: Elaine

 "For the first eight years of my life, everything was perfect. My parents were well off but devoted, life was simple and pleasant. And then about a week after my eighth birthday I woke up in the middle of the park near my house with my best friend's twin brother dead in front of me."

 "My parents... this went on for two years. And they never believed it was me. I didn't believe it was me. I don't remember most of it, and up until... something like two weeks ago I'd always thought it was crazy."

 "Fifteen people, including my parents and my little brother, all courtesy of Slender Man."

 "Yeah. That best friend? Whose brother I killed? That was Cam. But he stuck by me the whole time, he came to visit me when I was in the asylum afterwards, and he tried to get his parents to adopt me when I got out. Imagine that, your son begging you to adopt the girl who killed his brother. I can't blame them for saying no."

  "It only got worse from there. Officially, I was never accused of the crimes and they suspected I had a stalker who was killing people 'for me.' So when I got out they changed my name and made me change my look, moved me halfway across the country and gave me to a family as a foster kid. It probably would've been fine, had the family not been told my circumstances. They were veteran foster parents, had an amazing reputation, were wonderful with kids, but could never forgive me for being a murderer. By that point I was fifteen and rebellious, so when the guy I was dating suggested we run away and find ourselves something better, I was all in favor of it."

 "It wasn't so bad at first. Sure, we were broke, stupid kids, but Dallas wasn't a bad place to go, as such things went. Mark got a job with this drug boss  type-the kind of guy who ran most of the big crime in the area. Worked for a Mexican drug cartel."

 "I wasn't going to get involved with that, I didn't like the way he looked at me. So I worked at a diner. It wasn't ideal, but by the end of the first year we had a place of our own, and we didn't figure we needed much when we had each other."

 "What a joke. He didn't want a partner, he wanted a housewife. And he never realy forgave me for the looks the people he worked with gave me, and he certainly didn't forgive me my opinions and my attitude."

 "It got abusive. I was at that point still too horrified by my past to fight back. He started accusing me of cheating, and eventually he comes in while I'm cooking dinner one day and starts threatening to kill me. Something just snapped. When he attacked me, I fought back, and considering I was far better armed and not much weaker, I won. He died. And suddenly I was a killer again. Vargas showed up and offered to protect me, provided I work for him. And..."

 "Also 'work for him' in the... less savory sense. I was seventeen. And he had me as a prostitute."

 "Not that that lasted long. I refused to put up with it, and luckily for me Vargas decided he liked my talent for killing people."

 "So I... did my job, for the next four years."

 "And then I got arrested for something stupid, cut a deal, and got off with a very minor charge and got off with two years of jail time in exchange for taking down one of the biggest drug bosses in Dallas."

 "That's where Cam came in. He'd followed me to Texas somehow, and he kept showing up now and again, offering to take me out. I was too proud, too stupid to take him up on it, until I was in jail and looking at a pretty drab future once I got out. People who turn over people that important usually don't survive long outside of protection."


  1. I don't really blame her, after reading that.

  2. Venny you absolutely mad bastard, thank you for this. I'd raise a glass to you, but my beer is usually sugary and not alcoholic.

  3. Elaine... I'm sorry...

    Thank you for sharing, TMV.

  4. How fortunate of her to have been able to be fine tuning her skills from so young! Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Many of us could only hope to have had such a start.

    The look, Elaine. The look in their eyes... it's addictive, yes?

    Thank you, Venny, for the drop. I know which blog I'll be reading next now.

  5. Don't you just love it when the sadistic bastards come out to play? Nightscream, why..? Nevermind.

  6. Oh god. Wow. I can't even imagine...

  7. Mhmm. I love how it was pointed out, from the beginning, that she was a snitch of sorts before she ever began Running in the true sense. But no one wants to pay attention to the fact that she sold out a crime boss. No one wants to pay attention to the fact that she wasn't afraid to kill people with no real reason besides her boss wanted her to.

    Just some food for thought.

    1. I'm not quite certain that getting the man who raped me and blackmailed me, carved his name into my skin and used me for his own pleasure thrown in jail is really the same, Amy.
      I didn't kill just because the boss wanted me to. I killed because I had no choice but to work for him, and only two options as to how to do that.
      I chose the option that gave me at least a small amount of control over my own life

    2. I didn't say that it was inexcusable. I just said there was a pattern. You did what you had to. Simple as that.