Sunday, August 14, 2011


David keeps on coming over.

He's broken pretty much every window of The Mad Ventriloquist's house, busted the lock on his door, and if everything isn't secure he'll just walk in and sit on the sofa. The Mad Ventriloquist isn't sure whether he's annoyed or flattered. Perhaps this is just because of being alone so much. Donovan was the only guest he had over for a while. Other guests are coming in a few days, but for years it was just The Mad Ventriloquist alone in his house. It's nice to have visitors, even if they are breaking and entering. Even if they talk about the slender man and how much could be gained if The Mad Ventriloquist just joined him.

The Mad Ventriloquist has missed David. Years of friendship are hard to erase, and he can't manage to do it. David is asking something of The Mad Ventriloquist that he can't do, though. So most of the time he just ignores him, and tries to fix his windows.

People are coming in a few days. The Mad Ventriloquist is happy about it, but slightly nervous. He can't seem to keep David out, and it's possible that he will come in while the guests are here. He'll probably be civil. David is very civil the first couple of times. But it is worrying The Mad Ventriloquist a little. Still, these people need a place to stay, and even how things are, this is a very safe place.

The Mad Ventriloquist should probably buy more groceries, or he'll end up feeding his visitors beer and toast.


  1. Ah! How persistent! And probably annoying...

    However, it is good to hear you won't be alone. Its always nice to have company around.

    I hope things go well.

  2. Here's hoping he stays civil with you.

  3. Bahahahahahaha~ Yeah. Civil. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

    On a more serious note, why didn't you just give him a key? It'd have been a lot more simple than fixing your windows.