Tuesday, August 16, 2011

That didn't go as planned

The Mad Ventriloquist was wrong. He was wrong and he put people in danger.

Elaine and Schrodinger are here. Schrodinger is fine, but Elaine has a shoulder wound and The Mad Ventriloquist is also a little banged up. Frank the cat is also fine. Which is good, since The Mad Ventriloquist likes him. He had always wanted a cat, but thought that their hair might get in his beer. It turns out that it does, but he doesn't mind all that much.

David came. He tied up the grocery delivery man in the truck and came in when The Mad Ventriloquist wasn't looking very hard. He was having trouble getting up, actually. It had been a very long night. But Elaine eventually called him over, and that's when David took his knife out.

The Mad Ventriloquist was wrong. He thought David wouldn't try anything. He did. He kneeled next to Schrodinger and held the knife against her cheek. The Mad Ventriloquist pushed him away, but it's been too long. He's spent the last six years sitting on the couch watching soap operas. David's spent it working. There was a time when David and The Mad Ventriloquist were pretty evenly matched, but not anymore. The Mad Ventriloquist ended up being pinned against the wall. But Elaine challenged him to a fight, and that's one thing David could never resist. The Mad Ventriloquist pulled Schrodinger out of there, so he doesn't really know what happened. All he knows is that afterwards, David came out and whispered in The Mad Ventriloquist's ear. "You can't keep running from me. One of these days, you'll have to start listening."

Then he left.

The Mad Ventriloquist didn't think that would happen. He had thought he'd known David well enough to predict what he'd do now that visitors were there. But he didn't. Then again, The Mad Ventriloquist has changed so much in this time. Maybe David has too. The fact that he doesn't know the first thing about someone he used to be so close to is disturbing. He feels like he doesn't know anything any more, and people might be in danger because of it.

At least no one is too hurt. And the beer is mostly safe.


  1. Augh, darling that's terrible.

    I'm happy that you are all alright.

    Keep safe.

    Drink plenty of beer.

  2. I'm so sorry, Ro. I... he told me what he's doing. Check my blog.
    Also, you're getting a LOT of hugs as soon as you come out of your room.

  3. I'm so sorry.
    There could just be something in the background that you don't know about that's making him desperate or something?
    People do stupid things when they're lonely and desperate.

  4. Hey. Asshole.

    No I don't really mean that but

    look, she's waiting for you. So don't fuck up too much, alright?

    I get you you get me at least I think you do hell thats why she started to

    fuck that anyways what I'm saying, is Buck up. You have people watching you now.

    Jesus Christ why am I doing this she should be talking here not me

  5. You... you I like. So broken. So desperate. It's hard when you fight the Truth, isn't it? Hard when you try to delude yourself and numb yourself because all the while you know it's just a delay.

    Your old family is dead. Time to accept your new one, Venny.

  6. At Mistletoe- Don't worry, he will. Beer is good.

    At Elaine- Oh. That's very bad. Have a nice trip. Take care of Schrodinger and Frank. Tell The Mad Ventriloquist if she sees David again, all right? Thanks.

    At Jessie- That actually could be it. Maybe. It could be a lot of things.

    At Maurice(?)- Right. He understands. Bucking up now.

    At Nightscream- The Mad Ventriloquist thinks Nightscream is a little confused. His old family is very much not dead except if he means literally but that happened a very long time ago. The problem actually is the old family coming in and trying to kill the new family. Which is the good guys. The non slender working good guys. So, the new family is probably not who Nightscream wants The Mad Ventriloquist to accept, and he probably meant something about his old family. Or since he hasn't even met many slenderpeople his new new family. Which is so new he doesn't even know them. So accepting sounds odd.

    The Mad Ventriloquist confused himself.

  7. ....


    Oh, hells yes... I like you a LOT. By our Father, you hurt my head with that one. Glorious. You would fit right into OUR side - you don't even realize how much so. I haven't a clue which family to whom you were rambling about, but good God, you're hilarious.

  8. Now, why would Mr. David wish to bother with a sad sack of misery such as you? It truly boggles the mind.

    Ooooh well. I wonder how he'd react to you being in pain? What do you think?

  9. Given that most of the time I can just talk to Ronan about what he puts on his blog, I don't really feel the need to comment here. But I'll do so to answer Rhodes. Because they're very good questions.

    First of all, he wasn't always a 'sad sack of misery' as you put it. I wish you could have seen him in his prime. Brutal, Fearless, Intuitive, a true predator. And that hasn't gone away. He's just hiding from it.

    Second, if you hurt him I'm afraid that I won't be able to like you anymore. And my enemies usually have a very painful road ahead of them. You have been warned. Please don't make me be unpleasant.

    And Nightscream, as refreshing as I find your enthusiasm I've got this. Thank you.

  10. Hrrrm. That's boring. Thought I'd get some real hate out of you for that. You're a professional, David, I'll give you that.

    Hope this works out for ya.

  11. Thank you. I do try.

    If you do wish to see me angry, you could always try to hurt him. If he doesn't kill you first. And it's not the best way to go. Most people are fond of their organs.

  12. No matter what he might have been in the past, he's not that person anymore.

    I trust TMV, and you better stay away from him, David.

  13. You shouldn't worry about him, Konaa. Ronan's in good hands.

  14. @David: I am here for but a laugh in my spare time. That hurts none, correct?

  15. I love your priorities in this post. It's "Oh god, I didn't predict what David (love of my life) was thinking.." Then, "At least no one was hurt." Then, "At least the beer is mostly safe." These are the things that matter to you, in order.

    Nice to get a peek into your thought process, dearest.