Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Mad Ventriloquist Returns

The Mad Ventriloquist is back. Though he's laittle unsure of things.

And pretty drunk.

Despite being kidnapped, it was a pretty nice experinse. Nightscream was nice and got The Mad Ventriloquist beer. They played music together. Nightscream plays the soprano saxophone.

If Nightscream hadn't been trying to break up David and The Mad Ventriloquist, it would have been abit like a vacation. Instead it was kind of like going to a psychologist and eating the mints at thea table and having a nice conversation with the guy and then all of a sudden realizing that the guy is getting into your head and picking apart life stories and memories and stuff.

Although psychologists are usually good guys. And not trying to be nean. Which Nightscream sort of was. Despite being really nice. Nightscream is a really good manipulator. The Mad Ventriloquist knew exactly what Nightscream was doing, but its till workesd. A little bit. Not all the way. But enough to be annoying. Nightscream said enough true things that it's worth thinking about.

So the wedding is postponed for a while. While The Mad Ventriloquist thinks. He is also staying with Ben. Just for a while. He is pretty nice so far. Thought The Mad Ventrloquist has been mostly passed out.


  1. Fuck, I'm glad you're back. I'll see you soon, I guess.

  2. Pretty sure you're all doing this to spite me now.

  3. I love how people think telling the truth is being "manipulative" or "mean". What an age we live in.

    Take care of yourself, Venny. I await the day when you not only recognize truth when you hear it, but act upon it in turn. You already knew everything I told you. But sometimes it helps to hear it from the lips of another, yes?

    Try not to drown yourself too thoroughly, Ronan.

  4. I vote in Nightscream's favor. Mainly because if it was all the truth, you kinda deserved to hear all of it.